Sustainable solutions for the control of pests and diseases in trees and palms


Welcome to Fertinyect, welcome to the future.

Fertinyect is a technology-based company with over 20 years of experience, specialising in the development of specific solutions for dealing with issues involving the health of trees and palms related to pests, diseases and nutritional imbalances.

We have been focusing on research and innovation ever since the company was founded, and we have now developed and marketed a low-pressure trunk injection device which represents a revolution in the treatment of trees and palms: Ynject.

Throughout these 20 years we have been providing solutions for customers from all areas subject to problems with trees or palms: farmland, forests and green areas.

Each and every product and format we develop is introduced to our field development projects, with the aim of creating environmentally, economically, technically and commercially sustainable solutions.

We strive to transfer all the knowledge generated to the end customer, and possess a specialised distribution network for this purpose, providing technical and commercial assistance on a dialy basis anywhere in Spain and Portugal. Abroad, our affiliate companies, FT Soluciones, provide this assistance all over the world.

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We at Fertinyect invest in innovation and the generation of scientific knowledge as a present and future business basis, but above all as a basis for the successful provision of solutions to the problems faced by our customers.

We have been investing in lines of R+D+I with our own and joint research projects with companies, universities, and public institutions at the forefront of the development and production of plant protection methods other than those existing today.

Moreover, in addition to the support of cooperation agreements with acclaimed public and private research entities specialising in each of the problems to be dealt with, we possess an R+D+I line based on field tests to implement the different products developed in an optimum and effective manner in order to define the annual treatment protocols for each case. As such, we manage both to include the products developed within the annual treatment protocols and create the ideal schedules for the applications, such as the sustainability of the integrated solutions designed: operationally, economically, technically and environmentally.

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In the farming sector, where the need for application infrastructure such as the configuration of the land makes it difficult to implement optimum and profitable applications, Ynject arises as the only alternative for the control of pests, diseases and nutritional disorders, the control of which using traditional means is ineffective, or as an early alternative of “initial containment of outbreaks of infestation”.

The early containment of outbreaks of the most common pests and diseases on the farm right at the onset of the first symptoms ensures the prevention of the mass dispersion of the causative agent, and, as such, the mass treatment of all the trees. Early treatment with Ynject of just a few trees with initial symptoms and neighbouring trees with a containment belt often reduces total costs per hectare by avoiding the subsequent mass treatment of the entire farm.

The problems we deal with include:

  • Verticillium wilt (Verticillium dahliae)
  • Root rot (Phytophthora cinnamomi)
  • Avocado dieback (Phytophthora cinnamomi)
  • Pear psylla (Cacopsylla pyri)
  • Greening or Huanglongbing (HLB) (Diaphorina citri)
  • Red palm weevil (Rhynchophorus ferrugineus)
  • South American palm weevil (Rhynchophorus palmarum)

The design of the Ynject device enables you to both fight pests and diseases in a far more efficient and economical manner, while it has been shown to strengthen the tree, helping to produce a bigger and better yield.

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Conducting leaf applications in a forest environment is extremely difficult (and impossible at times), which together with the general absence of irrigation facilities makes our Ynject device the simplest, most efficient and profitable option for the application of plant health products for the control of tree pests and diseases.

The ability to gain access to treat any tree, regardless of its location or the type of terrain, in addition to the high content of plant protection and nutritional products applied with Ynject, enables us to create annual treatment programs based on only one or two applications per year, with “tailor-made solutions” guaranteeing the control of the main pests and diseases in accordance with the concept of “Outbreak Containment” on farms of a high commercial value, particularly in the case of Phytophthora (or root rot) and Pine Processionary.

As such, we provide solutions to problems on farms involving:

  • Root rot (Phytophthora cinnamomi)
  • Flathead oak borer (Coroebus undatus)
  • Oak pinhead borer (Platypus cylindrus)
  • Gypsy moth (Lymantria dispar)
  • Pine processionary (Thaumetopoea pityocampa)
  • Pine longhorn beetle (Monochamus galloprovincialis)
  • Western conifer seed bug (Leptoglossus occidentalis)
  • Pine borer (Tomicus piniperda)
  • Conifer rot (Phytophtora cinnamomi)
  • Eucalyptus weevil (Gonipterus sculletatus)
  • Eucalyptus borer (Phoracantha semipunctata)

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Without doubt the scope in which Ynject provides the greatest number of benefits is green areas, parks and gardens.

In accordance with the Royal Decree issued in 2012, which established the policy framework for achieving the sustainable use of plant health products, covered under EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT DIRECTIVE 2009/128/CE, personnel entrusted with the maintenance of green areas and parks and gardens throughout the European Union are facing major changes, which will affect above all the techniques used in the application of plant health products. As such, the biggest restrictions and bans will affect species with a greater risk of product drift during applications, such as trees and palms.

The range of Ynject devices provides an alternative which is totally adapted to the new regulations, while at the same time a far simpler, more efficient and profitable concept for personnel entrusted with the maintenance of green areas, with regard to the control of pests, diseases and nutritional corrections in trees and palms, with no risk of harm to the health of individuals or the environment.

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